Monster10 presents...The Top 10 Musicians Who Are Only Famous Because They Look Good!


The Top 10 Musicians Who Are Only Famous Because They Look Good!


 The Top 10 Musicians Who Are Only Famous Because They Look Good!


A Monster 10 Must Read Report!

 We all know people who have no talent.  Well in this Monster 10 report we examine the top 10 celebrities who really have no talent as musicians but became them because they have good genetics!




10 – Naomi Campbell!

 “This super model should have never picked up a microphone never mind cutting a song.  I guess the old saying looks trump talent.…. !”



9 – Samantha Fox!

 “ Can you say looking good gets you a record deal.…. !”




8 – Ashley Simpson!

 “Having a famous sister can help but looks really played a part for this girl to become a musician…. !”




7 –  Paris Hilton!

 “ Being rich, beautiful  heiress can get you places even a record deal even if you have no talent  . !”



6 – Kim Kardashian!

 “ Everyones favorite beautiful reality tv star who is famous for beauty a sex tape and has now released music.  She has no talent and should never made music…… !”



5 –Spice Girls!

 “A group of pretty girls who really have no talent who made music…… !”


4 –Ariana Grande!

 “Can you say being preety gets you a music deal. .…… !”


3 – Iggy Azalea!

 “Sex tapes and being pretty trumps talent and cant get you a music deal..…… !”


2 – Miley Cyrus!

 “If your dad is famous musician and you are preety you can really have no talent and become a musician.…… !”



And The Number 1 Musician Who Is Only Famous Because Of Their Looks Is ………………


Monster growl please …………..


1 – Justin Bieber!

      DING DING, DING,  Millions of likes on you tube and looking good can get you to become a musician without no talent . ”!.




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