Monster10 presents... Top 10 Deal Breakers For Daters Over 50!


Top 10 Deal Breakers For Daters Over 50!


Top 10 Deal Breakers For Daters Over 50!


A Monster 10 Report!

 For daters over 50 it’s a wonderful time to rekindle the care free times of youth when dating was not a challenge.  However as this age group relives the good old times in the dating world they do have some deal breakers that they stand firm on.  Find out what are the top 10!



10- Having Young Children!

       “This is a general unsaid rule amongst the dating population over 50 your kids should be teenagers or young adults.  When dating over 50 the last people want to have to contend with is children under 6 years of age..…………..!



 9- Bad Dressing And Over All Appearance!

       “Appearance is a big item in any age of dating but after 50 it takes more precedence since it is expected you will try to do your best to look neat and well groomed since you have aged and are not as young as you used to be..…………....…..!



8- Bad Table Edict!

       “This is a deal breaker if your table matters are atrocious or you chew with your mouth open you can forget it.  Do not be surprised if you don’t receive and email or call to go out again....………….. ..…..!



7- Dominating The Conversation About Yourself!

Nobody likes people who only talk about their selves it’s just rude and arrogant even if unintentional.  This is a definite deal breaker in any dating environment but crucial to not do when you’re dating over 50..... ....……..!



6- Deceptive Online Profile!

     “No matter what age range no one wants to be misled so if you state you do something in your profile when it comes to a profession or an activity than you best have done it!  This is a serious deal breaker for anyone dating after 50 honesty is high on the list . ........…..!



5- Deceptive Online Photos!

      “This is one area that no age wants to be lied to on.  So if you are going to put out a picture make sure it’s accurate and truthful to what you look like today.  This is a huge deal breaker . .…………. ..…..!



4- Blame Game On Exes!

    “Everyone knows there is two sides to every story and if you are dating especially after 50 don’t blame your marriage breakup strictly on the spouse.  At this age they know that all things are not put on one party and is definitely a deal breaker.………….. ..…..!



3- Bad Breath!

     “Oral hygiene is crucial in any relationship and it is a definite deal breaker if you have halitosis.  You can’t kiss and you could barely have a conversation on a date with the individual because they won’t be able to stand it.  .” …………..!



2- Slowdown In Men’s Libido!

       “There is something that can help with this if you suffer in this area but women typically hit their prime at this age and are looking for levels of intimacy.  This is a definite deal breaker if you can’t perform in this area...………..!.



And The Number 1 Deal Breaker For Daters Over 50 Is …………..




Monster Growl Please…………………………….




1-    1-Issues With Your Finances!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, Everything always comes back to money and best believe if your over 50 than its going to be a problem.  Get your finances straight for this is the number one deal breaker  …………..!




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