Monster10 presents...Top 10 Reasons Your Hobby May Fail As A Business!


Top 10 Reasons Your Hobby May Fail As A Business!


   Top 10 Reasons Your Hobby May Fail As A Business!


A Monster 10 Report!

 Do you have a hobby?  Do you think it can make money as a business?  Well you may want to read this report before quitting your day job and going on Shark Tank to pitch for money!  



10- You Have No Experience Running A Business!

       “Performing a hobby and running a business is completely different and you could get crushed both financially and mentally if you think your hobby will translate to a business easily.…………..!



 9- Hobbies That Move To Businesses Demand Space!

       “If your moving your hobby to a business your going to need space and space is costly. You will not be able to work out of your garage or home for long you will also need to give your clients a professional look this too cost ...…………....…..!



8- 9 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail In The First 5 Years!

       “Even businesses who were designed to be businesses have a 90 percent failure rate and this number is getting closer to 95% hobbies have an even greater chance of failure if you attempt to make them a business....………….. ..…..!


7- You Could Very Well Loose Money!

People who start businesses function mentally that they can and will lose money are you prepared to lose money on a hobby you once enjoyed for fun.  This could be a hard pill to swallow..... ....……..!



6- No Planning!

     “Businesses need planning hobbies do not if you’re thinking conducting your business as you do your hobby you will more than likely fail ........…..!



5- High Start Up Costs!

      “Businesses are expensive and if your hobby is a costly one it could be very costly to translate and scale as a business.  You could go bankrupt in just the start up costs.…………. ..…..!


4- Your Customers Need Attention!

    “If your hobby has any menial success you will have customers who will repeat business and all customers require attention.  Your hobby is done in your spare time but when it translates it to a business well customers have complaints questions around the clock....………….. ..…..!


3- Extremely Time Consuming!

     “Hobbies that turn to businesses are time consuming if you work a full time job this may be daunting.  It is hard to work 40 hours a week plus handle normal activities if you change your hobby to a business you will have no time for anything else.  .” …………..!



2- Hard To Gauge Demand For Your Hobby!

       “Hobbies may not translate to a business well.  Just because you like your hobby does not mean anybody else will.  For that reason it makes it extremely difficult to determine if people want anything your hobby will generate...………..!.



And The Number 1 Reason Why Your Hobby Mail Fail As A Business Is …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-It Requires Everything!

       “Business require everything you have for them to succeed.  Your hobby/business will fail if you are not prepared to give it everything you got  …………..!




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