Monster10 presents...Top 10 Ways To Bounce Back If You Have Been Laid Off!


Top 10 Ways To Bounce Back If You Have Been Laid Off!


Top 10 Ways To Bounce Back If You Have Been Laid Off!


A Monster 10 Report!

 In this economy it’s not a matter if you are going to be let go from your job it’s a matter of when!   Monster 10 is here to help and in this report gives you 10 tips to bounce back when you get laid off!



10- Use The 80/20 Rule When Looking For New Employment!

       “When it comes to all of the people who you could possibly know to give you some leads for a new job remember the 80/20 rule.  80% of the people who could give you those leads will not pan out to be nothing and realistically you could only count on 20% of the people and leads to pan out to anything at all…………..!




 9- Get Out Contact List!

       “This ties along with the 80/20 rule but in this case get out as many contacts you can muster to inform them that you have been laid off and have them on the lookout for references or if they know of any job leads..…..!




8- Create Channels For People To Find You!

       “Its time to get in the information age and use social media! Be sure to get an account with Linked In, Facebook and other social media to let people find you.  In addition post your resume on all job sites ..  ......... ..  ”.  ”..!



7- Develop A Plan!

You need a plan the job market is extremely competitive and tough the old ways of finding jobs will not do you must have a plan........ ....……..!



6- Inventory What You Offer!

     “Now is the time to access yourself and take a hard look of the things you have to offer to an employer both tangible and intangible.  The intangible could be made to the tangible that could be put on your resume ........…..!



5- Define Your Targets!

      “When you lose your job it’s not time to be vague you have to have clear targets of what you’re looking for career wise.  Do you want to stay in the same industry or are you looking for a new industry?  Know your targets and be specific” ........!



4- Time To Reflect!

   “Once you have been laid off it’s the best time to reflect where you want to go career wise and then in life.  Don’t skip this process reflection time is pivotal in what to do once you have been laid off.”... ... ... .....”……..!



3- Invest In A Career Counselor!

     “Depending on your age its very difficult to find gainful employment especially if you have been at one company for a while.  An investment in a career counselor could be pivotal in you finding the right type of employment.”. ..........……..!



2- Grieve For A While!

       “Take the time to grieve this is a left out step when you get laid off.  Let you feel the emotion and get through it.  In one’s lifetime employment takes up the majority of ones time its only right that you take some time to grieve. ...   ......  .. .  ...  .........……..!



And The Number 1 Way To Bounce Back If You Have Been Laid Off Is…………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Get In Shape!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, By far this is the most important step to bounce back.  Getting in shape is crucial to your over well being and is a vital element in you bouncing back so don’t hesitate get back in a regular work out regimen.”. ...!..  ......  ................……..!




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