Monster10 presents...Top 10 Ways To Save On Back To School Supplies!


Top 10 Ways To Save On Back To School Supplies!


   Top 10 Ways To Save On Back To School Supplies!


A Monster 10 Report!

Another school year approaches and before you overspend and put yourself in a bind financially Monster 10 gives you the top 10 ways to save on back to school supplies! 



10- Don’t Procrastinate!

       “One of the most easiest and most efficient ways to save money on back to school supplies is to not procrastinate.  Procrastination leads you to waiting to the last minute and purchasing supplies when they are at their highest.  This is a definite recipe to overspend..…………..!




 9- Plan For School Supply Shopping In January!

       “This may sound crazy since back to school season is in full effect now but if you begin to set a small amount of money aside beginning in January you will save tremendously when it comes time to purchase for the school year.... ...…………....…..!




8- Treat The Back To School Supply Expense As A Budgeted Item Like Your Utility Bill!

  “If you have children then you are going to be purchasing back to school supplies for quite some time.  So a practical way to save money for school supplies is to treat it as a budgeted item expense you pay for each month such as a utility bill but at a smaller scale.....………….. ..…..!



7- Never Pay Sticker Price For Text Books !

If you have a college bound child text books are a huge expense.  The resale value of a brand new textbook is a fraction of what you may pay for it retail.  So never pay sticker price for text books always search and you will find bargains. ....... ....……..!



6- Look For Bargains on Tech!

     “Tech is always expensive and needed for your kids especially in the information age for education.  This does not mean you have to overspend, many retailers offer holiday specials during July 4 or even labor day specials and you are able to obtain good tech at a much cheaper price ........…..!



5- Start Early!

    “In most cases kids are sent home with a list of items they need the first day out for summer vacation.  This is a good time if you have not already budgeted to start purchasing school supplies and get deals...…………. ..…..!



4- Don’t Over Spend!

 “The tendency when parents go school shopping for kids is to overspend and this is done by 64 crayons instead of the 8 or 16 box.  Unless you have 3 or 4 kids larger boxes is really not necessary.....………….. ..…..!



3- Prioritize Wants Versus Needs!

  “Needs are defined on the school shopping list as supplies stated and given by educators whether they are from teachers or for your college bound professors.  Anything above that is wants and the best way to save is just stick to needs.” …………..!



2- Wait For Sales And Only Buy Then!

 “The only time to buy anything is during sale times anything outside of those towns is just giving away your money, so only shop when the sales are being advertised......………..!.



And The Number 1 Way To Save On Back To School Shopping Is…………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Don’t Purchase All The School Supplies In One Setting!

       “DING DING DING!!! A simple and most effective way to save money on back to school shopping is not to purchase all your school supplies on one setting take advantage of sales time that appear throughout the year and buy in pieces instead of large chunks of inventory at one time …………..!




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